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Kauai “Revealed” Through Technology?

From Tweeting to texting to connecting with friends around the world and accessing information instantly, technology has made many things possible and in some ways brought people together.  But it also has the potential to create distance.  The new “Kauai Revealed” Apple app provides visitors to the Garden Isle with information on all that the [...]

August 21, 2011   No Comments

Andy Irons Autopsy Results

More than seven months after the death of Kauai native and three-time world champion surfer, Andy Irons, autopsy and toxicology reports have finally been released.  What they have revealed has shocked some, confirmed the suspicions of others, and undoubtedly saddened all.
On November 2, 2010, Irons was found dead in his Dallas, Texas airport hotel [...]

June 11, 2011   No Comments

Kauai Movie Theater

Not too long ago, there were 4 movie theaters on Kauai. Then there were 3. Now we’re down to 2! Oh no, what will we do?! Netflix, perhaps : ) Anyway, if you’re on the Garden Island, and you want to see the latest flick, here are your best options…
Kukui [...]

December 3, 2008   12 Comments